Expense Reports that make everyone's life easier...

Bringing easy, affordable, on-demand expense management to nonprofits.

Web-based. Paperless. Compliant.

Completing Expense Reports

  • System always presents the proper form.
  • Electronic copies of receipts can be attached to each line.
  • Routing business rules can be customized, automatically applied.
  • Status of Report visible at every stage of processing.

Approving Expense Reports

  • Policy compliance enforced at expense entry point, improving the quality and completeness of every report.
  • Consistent entry paradigm makes review and approval more efficient.
  • Automatic routing upon approval.
  • Greater participation and policy compliance due to ease of use.

Processing Expense Reports

  • Policy compliance is enforced throughout workflow eliminating this step for Finance department.
  • Approved expenses are automatically transferred to Accounts Payable as unposted invoices.
  • Finance has visibility to expenses that are pending approval from the point they are initially entered.

Integration with Sage MIP Fund Accounting. One Time Set-Up Wizard. Easy User Entry via the Web. Dynamic Status Bar.

  • Screen shot – Set up Wizard
  • Screen shot – User entry screen
  • Zoom of Dynamic Status Bar section of screen

Latest News

RestEasy Expense integrates with Sage Fund Accounting providing nonprofits with a compliant workflow for all stages of expense processing.

Why use RestEasy?

A recent industry analyst's study estimated that automating the expense reporting and management function can increase compliance by 36%, reduce reimbursement cycle time by more than a third, and reduce the cost of every expense report transaction by 72% or more.